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HD Vape Electronic Vaporizer Starter Kit

Part Number HDVAPE
HD Vape Electronic Vaporizer Starter Kit
HD Vape Electronic Vaporizer Starter Kit
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Due to the popularity of the HD Vape and vaporizing E-Liquids, we have changed the HD Vape Kit to no longer include a bottle, but instead 2 clear cartridges.

We do realize that having to buy an initial bottle seems somewhat inconvenient, so we are including 1 bottle of HD Smoke E-Liquid free of charge.
HD Vape Starter Kit Includes:
1 x Lithium Ion 650 mAh Rechargeable Battery
2 x Clear Cartridge
1 x USB Charger
1x User Guide

and 1 free bottle of 10mL HD Vape™ liquid (equal to approximately 40 Packs of Cigarettes)
Key Benefits:
• No Strong odor
• No Second-hand smoke
• Environmentally friendly - Free of ashes and stubs, cartridges are recyclable
• No ignition required, product remains cool to the touch
• Free of tobacco
• Emits only a harmless vapor
• Saves you money on cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapies
• Not considered a tobacco product
How Does HD Vape™ Work? The cartridge contains an HD Vape™ liquid which is mainly comprised of water, glycerin, flavoring agents and nicotine where legally available. When you push on the button of the HD Vape™ battery, it activates the atomizer which vaporizes the liquid solution. This produces a vapor mist which you inhale. A high-density rechargeable Lithium Ion 650 mAh battery powers the device and will last all day on a normal charge, depending upon an individual's usage. The clear part on the left is the cartridge. The black part on the right is the battery. They are screwed together.
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